Christmas Light Installation

We offer:

  • Installation - Lights are custom fit to your home.
  • Maintenance - We'll come fix a problem or bad bulb.
  • Takedown - We'll take them down and pack them neatly.
  • Storage Containers can be provided.
  • Contact us to request a free quote on Christmas Light installation, maintenance, and take-down.

    Trying to advertise

    I am finding that the hardest thing about this is finding work:(

    Spent almost five hundred bucks on a four week newspaper ad and received one call (from AT&T wanting to put me in the yellow pages).

    So for fifty bucks, I am getting a bigger ad in my kids Yearbook album.

    Home Theater Furniture

    Local place for Home Theater Furniture:

    I plan to go look at the quality soon but the prices seem very reasonable!

    2009-10-01 Wiring for a Residential Remodel

    Working on low voltage cabling for a customer who is remodeling their house.

    So far, the job has comprised of:

    • Install 7.1 Surround Sound wiring in the new game room.
    • Ran speaker wires from the game room out to the patio to accomodate outdoor speakers.
    • Install conduit and an outlet box to the fireplace so the customer can mount a flat screen TV over the fireplace and have the cable box hidden in a cabinet beside it. An electrician also mounted a power outlet which both will be hidden behind the TV when it is mounted.


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