Surge Protectors

Just learned something interesting about Surge Protectors.

Belkin will not guarantee/replace a TV unless the surge protector is rate for at least 2000 Joules.

Digital Signage / IPTV

The other day I quoted a company in Dallas for a digital sign system.

Their requests were that the TVs need to:

  1. Play PowerPoint Presentations on 10 TVs most of the day.
  2. Be able to show Live TV on demand "when something important" is happening.
  3. Show content in a separate campus that is connected by VPN.

Electronic Timer Maintenance

Yesterday my oldest customer called. They are a private school and the timer that rings their school bell had a problem. It is an Intermatic ET70115C and since the US moved the week that daylight savings changes, this timer can't automatically change at the right time any more. You can buy a new chip that does it, but they haven't spent the money on it.

Point of Sale/POS Install

Just finished up configuring a Point of Sale - POS system for a new Bar and Grill in the area.

They had the following hardware:

  • A 40 item menu plus drinks and condiments
  • A bar station with a PC, receipt printer, and a cash drawer
  • A server station with a PC and receipt printer
  • A kitchen slip printer


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