FreePBX Outbound Routes via MySQL Table

Here is a good start:

This module adds:

1. A MySQL table to hold your NPA list.
2. A new page "Outbound Routes New".
3. An agi script that does the look up and routes the call.

You'll need to add the following to /etc/asterisk/extensions_customer.conf

; Calls a PHP AGI Script to pick a trunk based on Called Number

Sendmail Relay through authenticated smtp server

Other day I needed to make Linux machine using Sendmail on Verizon dynamic IP relay through an Authenticated SMTP server. In this case smtp server but will also work with gmail.

Backup all files:

cp /etc/mail/ /etc/mail/
cp /etc/mail/ /etc/mail/
cp /etc/mail/authinfo.db /etc/mail/authinfo.db.bak
cp /etc/mail/authinfo /etc/mail/authinfo.bak

Aastra XML Programming

XML programming for an internet service provider:

I wrote an XML file that changes the way that Aastra VoIP phones perform call transfers when you touch the xfer softkey while on a call. Before, the Aastra's would initiate the transfer with SIP messages, but due to a bug in the companies SIP server, others phones BLF keys would stay lit when the transfer was completed.


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