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Home Theater Furniture

Local place for Home Theater Furniture:

I plan to go look at the quality soon but the prices seem very reasonable!

2009-10-01 Wiring for a Residential Remodel

Working on low voltage cabling for a customer who is remodeling their house.

So far, the job has comprised of:

  • Install 7.1 Surround Sound wiring in the new game room.
  • Ran speaker wires from the game room out to the patio to accomodate outdoor speakers.
  • Install conduit and an outlet box to the fireplace so the customer can mount a flat screen TV over the fireplace and have the cable box hidden in a cabinet beside it. An electrician also mounted a power outlet which both will be hidden behind the TV when it is mounted.

2009-09-22 Programming gig

Wrote a C# console program for an apartment management company that pulls apartment pricing info from an online Web Service and put that information into an SQL database. The program runs nightly to pull updated information so the management company can show optimized apartment prices on their website and internally.

2009-09-15 Phone System Maintenance

Performed maintenance on a PBX that I installed for a private school a couple of years ago.

Maintenance included:

  • Adding a new phone.
  • Troubleshooting 2 phones (which ended up being bad phone cords).
  • Fixing some errors they caused by attempting to program the system themselves.
  • Training the receptionist on how to update the system correctly.


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