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Proposed Enswitch Backup Plan

Enswitch recommends:
1. Copy /var/lib/enswitch to a remote system daily.
2. At the minimum, backup /etc weekly but entire local fs is recommended.

On the server holding the backups:



NOW=$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H)
NEXTHOUR=$(date --date='1 hour' +%Y-%m-%d-%H)

#NOW=`date '+%Y-%m'-%d-%H`

Cable Pricing

We sell cable at the following prices:

Item # Price Description
W-COMP-CMR-SOL-CAT5 $ 0.14 /ft CAT5e Cable
W-COMP-CMR-SOL-CAT6 $ 0.28 /ft CAT6 Cable

Surge Protectors

Just learned something interesting about Surge Protectors.

Belkin will not guarantee/replace a TV unless the surge protector is rate for at least 2000 Joules.


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