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More how-tos to help me remember:


More how-tos to help me remember:

Google Code has a PHP class written for SIP. It enables you to send CANCEL, NOTIFY, INVITE, BYE, REFER, OPTIONS, SUBSCRIBE, MESSAGE, and REGISTER messages to a SIP endpoint.

I am using it to monitor:

1. A couple of Asterisk servers that don't take registrations via OPTIONS
2. A couple of OpenSIPS servers that do take registrations.

The documentation is located at:

Following is a sample PHP script that I run on a cronjob:

Install Dell Utilities on CentOS5

I make no warranties but it took me an afternoon to figure out why I was getting "No controllers found" when I issued "omreport storage controller". After a lot of research, I stumbled on a couple of pages about a bug in the 64bit apps that doesn't find the controllers. Following is for my information so I can do it again if needed.


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