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2009-10-01 Wiring for a Residential Remodel

Working on low voltage cabling for a customer who is remodeling their house.

So far, the job has comprised of:

  • Install 7.1 Surround Sound wiring in the new game room.
  • Ran speaker wires from the game room out to the patio to accomodate outdoor speakers.
  • Install conduit and an outlet box to the fireplace so the customer can mount a flat screen TV over the fireplace and have the cable box hidden in a cabinet beside it. An electrician also mounted a power outlet which both will be hidden behind the TV when it is mounted.
  • When the contractor tore out the existing ceiling, they also tore out a bunch of the phone and alarm wires. I have fixed these wires.
  • Set up house so that all the phone jacks can use their Vonage VoIP serives.
  • Moved their Verizon FIOS battery since with the addition of a cause the garage to be moved and the batteries original location was now in the game room.
  • Added wires for a new motion sensor, door sensor, and relocated an alarm panel for the alarm system.

Once remodeling is complete, I'll come back and:

  • Set up the Home Theater in the game room including mounting the 7.1 speakers.
  • Mount a flat screen TV to the fireplace and run necessary cables hidden in the conduit.
  • Mount the new motion sensor, turn back on the alarm system and get it working to be monitored by ADT.

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